Monday, October 29, 2007

First real post, woohoo!

I've been forcing myself to draw in pen lately. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So first, I have a collection of things I've been drawing in straight pen. They're from multiple pages. I quite fancy the fellow in the top hat, the kid in the cat hat, and..well, hell, I just like the people who have hats on. And the ugly obese gargoyle thing.

Next, I have a few random characters. I've been having trouble with girls lately.

And for the grand finale.... ZOMBIES!!! I have been drawing zombie boyscouts all weekend. It all stemmed from a makeshift costume I did for myself on Saturday, which consisted of zombie face makeup and a boyscout uniform (well, shirt and pants). Then I just decided to take the idea and run with it. I may even write an extra credit screenplay for class on Wednesday!

I totally enjoy the idea of a brain-eating merit badge.

Aww poor Tommy was so normal.

Some random infected scouts.

By the way, if anybody from class wants me to zombify them on Wednesday, I'll have my makeup with me :).

That's all. It's high time I got some real sleep.

Welcome welcome!

I decided to start just a plain sketch blog to show off some of the drawings I've been doing outside of class.

I'll make a huge post of the stuff from my sketchbook I've done from the past week or so. After that, I'll update it whenever I can.

And why the name "Seductive Herring"? Well...I'll tell you a story.

It all started back in high school. I have a bad habit of hearing things incorrectly, or "selectively". At one point, a friend of mine was singing the words "selective hearing" in a song-song sort of manner. However, I, unfortunately, heard her say "seductive herring". From then on, whenever I heard something incorrectly, I called it a case of seductive herring! I'd always wanted to use the name for something, but I didn't know what. And hey, now I have the perfect opportunity!

So there you go. Hope you enjoy my stuff when I post it!