Saturday, April 5, 2008


FINALLY got Photoshop working on my iMac. Yesss!! Now it's time for a sketch dump! This is far from all the drawings I've done since I last shared anything from my sketchbook. There's just too many, and too much of it isn't good. So here are my picks.

Minimal commentary, because they're all pretty much just random doodles. And also somewhat categorized them, just to make things easier to split up.


Guys (mostly scuzzy or bored-looking guys). It's hilarious to me how similar most of them look, especially with the boring standing poses.

Even MORE guys. At least they are all fairly different from one another in this one.

kids. Namely, skinny boys, haha.

And that is all. Now back to busting my butt with animation cleanup. Oyyy.