Friday, October 23, 2009

More Character Development Sketches

Wow, it really has been far too long since I posted anything. I blame it on my scanner/Photoshop, they kept crashing whenever I was doing huge amounts of scanning.

This is more stuff from my character design class at Animation Academy.

Female character turnaround

Expressions, one of my favorite things to draw~


Some random doodles, mostly practicing female bodies. And a few sketches of one character in particular I was trying to develop.

Well, hopefully I'll try to update this more often instead of letting it sit idly for months! There's a bit more stuff to scan, but I didn't want to risk it with my finicky scanner. So that's all for now :) Need to get back into working on my portfolio!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some character development

Here are some things from the class I'm taking at the Animation Academy! Finished my first turnaround so I thought I'd share the process of creating the design for this character.

Some of the many many heads I had to draw. Drew 3 or 4 pages of variations (well, this and another character) before deciding on the final one. These are just the majority of them.

Turnaround of the chosen head.

Body shapes. Also several pages of these were done.

Body turnaround. 3/4 back is tough to do! Also need to fix the arms on the back view, they're a bit too long.

I'm really enjoying this class. I'm learning a lot, it's forcing me to draw more and think about things a bit differently, and also to experiment with shapes more. I still need to learn to go further/push it more but I am getting there.

Also, some more Star Trek things, just for the heck of it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drawings of Geeky Things

Sooo I saw both the Wolverine movie and the new Star Trek movie. Wolverine was just hilarious, Star Trek was AMAZING. I've been watching the original series a lot lately.

Here are some stupid Wolverine drawings!

This is basically my interpretation of the whole movie. SCREAMING AND BUTT.

A couple more. Ignore the left doodle that is obviously not Wolverine. Notice how I'm using the Origins version of his hair, not his crazy devil horn hair (well, guess I tried that in the little one)...because I don't really know how it looks. No reference, woo!

Now, some Star Trek drawings!

The ones in purple are based off The Naked Time episode. The pencil ones were drawn while slightly under the influence of 3 glasses of wine.

Aaaand bad Spock. Inspired by the wonderful Bad Spock blog

Look at all that yellowy paper. You can really tell I've converted to the church of Moleskine lately.

By the way, character design class at The Animation Academy is going well. I'm learning a whole lot! Eventually I'll make a post with all my progress. Maybe once I'm done with one of my characters before we move on to the next one!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't

Here's what I got out of going to Drawing Club last night. The costumed model was a FEMME FATAL~! 40's-style Noir I'd say.

2 sets compiled according to the pose lengths

(I mostly just liked the lying down pose, even if it is a little wonky in the shoulder area)

My sessions keep getting a little better every time. But what I need to remind myself is to GO FURTHER and not always draw JUST what I see. That one with the happy face next to it has a lot more life to it because I exaggerated a bit. I also want my drawings to feel less STIFF. They're getting to be less stiff but I want them even more loose and fluid without being too sketchy.
At least with those poses, I started to get the hang of drawing high heels and the shoes at different angles last night. Woo!

Lots of uploading this week. I am pleased with this. Now if only people actually read this :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I went to the zoo yesterday, with Victor, and decided to get a membership so I can go there and draw a lot. I decided to scan the drawings from last time I went to the zoo (about 2 weeks ago) and compare them with this time.

Last time (I really wasn't pleased with any of them):


Nice to see some improvement there (not that those are the greatest drawings either)! It helps to stay at one place for a while and just keep drawing the animals even if they move. It's all about learning about how they work and figuring things out. Fun, but kind of tiring for your brain.

Tonight I'll be at Drawing Club again. Just gotta keep on going!

Also, I think I am starting to realize why people are so addicted to Moleskine sketchbooks...ahhh I will have to buy another when my current one is done.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Groups of things!

Since I went to Animation Night at the Animation Academy yesterday (I'll be starting class there next week!), I scanned some more things to add to my portfolio. Hello to those I met, if you happen to see this!

People and animal doodles.

Some costumed figures done at Drawing Club.

Ninjas ninjas ninjas!

My portfolio right now isn't what I'd like it to be. I just need to keep drawing. It's good to go places like the zoo and Drawing Club. But what I'd really like is a personal project to work towards. I suppose I've always got my comic that has been in the back of my mind for almost a couple years now, but it needs a lot of work in so many areas. I'm sure I'l find something eventually, but until then, practice practice practice.

Also, I'm learning how to animate in Flash for this freelance project I'm working on, and it's pretty fun! Maybe I can try to put a few shots here once the project is done. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post any work for now, but as soon as I know I am allowed to, I will.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

People and Animals

Again, another gap in my posting. 4 months this time? Yeesh! I am working on a freelance animation project in the meantime, so at least I've got that to keep me going!

Here is a small bit of the stuff I've been up to over the last few months. Been getting art blocks on and off, which isn't great, but sometimes it happens.

My dog, Shippo (a Pomeranian), dressed as a viking war dog. Considering doing a series of dog drawings like this (aka, little known facts about dog breeds)

Me and a few of my favorite things. Would like to finish this sometime.

Zombie kitten

Valentine's Day thing with a zombie and a cat-type beast of some sort.

Based off MGMT lyrics from the song "Electric Feel"

Some unfinished mechanic chick. Might develop this character more someday.

Another post soon-ish! I just haven't been motivated to scan things lately.