Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow, a post!

I wonder if anyone actually checks this anymore...
Personally, I just started using RSS feeds to monitor people's blogs with Apple Mail. What a wonderful thing it is!

I haven't been drawing all that much outside of class since my last post, but here is the stuff I've done.

A self-portrait I did on a windy day.

Some zombies, inspired by the book World War Z.

A self-portrait

Aaand some heads of random people.


Emily said...

Nice windy day picture. Also, I feel like that kid at the top of the bottom page of heads was just wronged, but the person who did it is going to regret it big time.

I want RSS feeds! I've been trying to figure out a good way to get them, but I don't use apple mail.

Shawn Lenore Barnes said...

You're prettier than your self portrait! I demand a recount!

Lauren said...

But making myself weird and/or ugly in my self portrait is the fun part :D

Victor said...

Emily, if you can read this: You too can enjoy the simple beauty of RSS!

Just get an aggregator. I used to use Net Newswire before they integrated it into Apple mail. I think you have to pay for that one though. Anyhow, there's lots of great programs that you can use. Just Google "RSS aggregator."

Net Newswire was pretty cool though.