Tuesday, December 2, 2008

About time for another update!

Poor neglected sketch blog! It's been a month since my last update? Really? Well here's one, even if it's small!

Drawings are from older to newer.

Just some Sir Pinkstruttle expressions.

aaand jacomo, who I never seem to draw the same way (this is his beast form and he's also got his beast-kid form. Ahhh complicated)

Also some nerdy Apollo Justice fanart, because I cannot get enough of this game and I love these two characters. Poor Klavier (on the right) is a total rock star and would never dress preppy. This is why he is mad at Apollo for forcing him

I certainly hope that it won't be a month until my next update, but you never know!

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naudasd said...

oh my. you so weird :3