Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well I certainly haven't updated here in a while!

I had my first Intro to Character Design class last night at Concept Design Academy. Needless to say I am SUPER inspired right now (and have been this whole week, actually). My teacher, David Colman, is really freaking awesome and talented. He's SO good at animals, it makes me really want to try harder with them.

We did drawings last night based on the costumed model who came to pose for us (dressed like a mafia/mob guy). So it wasn't figure drawing from life, it was figure drawing BASED off life. We had to take the poses a bit further and have them be inspired by what was going on. It was tough, but super good practice.

And this morning, I woke up and drew my cat, who was sleeping on my bed in a really cute pose. We have to draw 10 pages for homework, so at least I got a couple out of drawing my animals today. But I'll need to make a trip to Costco, Walmart, or a mall and draw all the ridiculous people there.

Some things I know I need to work on:
-making my poses more dynamic
-working on rhythm and shapes
-...hands and feet (which always seeems to be the case)

Inspiration has also come from reading the tips on Rad How To. I haven't even studied everything there is on that blog, but I will try to study a little bit of it every day (and also from the ever-growing collection of art books i've been acquiring lately)

I'll certainly have lots to share during the process of taking this class. Guess that's all for now. Sorry there's no fun visuals with this post :P

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