Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And once more, a blog post!

I've got to start remembering I have a blogspot blog and posting on it more regularly...

More sketches! From the summer until around now.

Drawings from my class with Rad at Concept Design Academy! My character Charlotte, a Victorian era detective:

Some mini comics of me:

(I'm really allergic to cats)

(also I have a "drinking problem". My tea totally missed my mouth, went straight to that area of my pants.)

Something totally nerdy but a drawing meme where you draw one of your favorite characters in the outfit you were wearing at the time...so I draw the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who in mine:

Some drawings I did while vacationing in Japan a couple years ago (I may have posted them on this blog before?), but I decided to go back and rework them. I guess a recurring theme was hot babes eating food. Maybe I'll actually finish them sometime!

Hopefully I'll try to keep more on top of this in 2012! :)

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