Saturday, October 18, 2008

So news! I've got an internship at Beau Studio. It's been really cool so far! I've gotten to do some storyboarding and will soon be doing a bit of character design work.

I've decided it's time to REALLY get my portfolio filled with more and better things. I just had a portfolio review today at an ASIFA event, and I got some great feedback!

As for drawings, I discovered some awesome brown fashion design paper that looks pretty neat with markers. This is...Phoenix wright fanart, but it was a fun experiment:

Definitely want to do more stuff with this paper.

And here's a character I decided to work on (I drew him over the sumer, but decided to finally color him in):

His name is Sir Pinkstruttle. He enjoys tea :). Plus, I will use him for my website's new layout!

Well, hopefully if my inspiration keeps up, I will have more to show again soon!

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