Thursday, April 30, 2009


I went to the zoo yesterday, with Victor, and decided to get a membership so I can go there and draw a lot. I decided to scan the drawings from last time I went to the zoo (about 2 weeks ago) and compare them with this time.

Last time (I really wasn't pleased with any of them):


Nice to see some improvement there (not that those are the greatest drawings either)! It helps to stay at one place for a while and just keep drawing the animals even if they move. It's all about learning about how they work and figuring things out. Fun, but kind of tiring for your brain.

Tonight I'll be at Drawing Club again. Just gotta keep on going!

Also, I think I am starting to realize why people are so addicted to Moleskine sketchbooks...ahhh I will have to buy another when my current one is done.

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