Friday, May 1, 2009

Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't

Here's what I got out of going to Drawing Club last night. The costumed model was a FEMME FATAL~! 40's-style Noir I'd say.

2 sets compiled according to the pose lengths

(I mostly just liked the lying down pose, even if it is a little wonky in the shoulder area)

My sessions keep getting a little better every time. But what I need to remind myself is to GO FURTHER and not always draw JUST what I see. That one with the happy face next to it has a lot more life to it because I exaggerated a bit. I also want my drawings to feel less STIFF. They're getting to be less stiff but I want them even more loose and fluid without being too sketchy.
At least with those poses, I started to get the hang of drawing high heels and the shoes at different angles last night. Woo!

Lots of uploading this week. I am pleased with this. Now if only people actually read this :)

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Emily said...

Those 5 minutes are pretty awesome!