Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wow so I'm WAY almost done with my one film now! Just a few more scenes to color, and some backgrounds, and BOOM I'll be done. The sound is going to be done this week, too. I'm quite excited.
...then I have tons of work to do on my thesis, and I'll ONLY be focusing on that, for once.

I don't actually have a sketch, but just something amusing I wanted to show. Because the character in my animation drives a sort of Cadillac-ish car, and the the song "Cadillac" by Mest has amused me since high school (it's the only Mest song I still have on my comptuer, haha), I combined the two for the hell of it.

Cadillac from Lauren Blakely on Vimeo.
Maybe it's not funny to anyone but me, but I'm glad I can at least amuse myself.

Hopefully I'll have something to post by the end of the week. But if not, it's because I'm finishing up the animation.

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Katie said...

Hahahaha the toothpick just makes it so much more seriousbizness!

Keep on truckin' with that animation!