Saturday, November 17, 2007

Here's a few things.

First another Zomibe Boyscout. The movie "Fido" made me so happy that it had Zombie Cadets (like boyscouts) who TURNED INTO ZOMBIES. Yessss. I wish I had pictures of their uniforms, I drew that kid without reference. I'm not very good at weird angles, either.

And character, Dylan. He likes to wear ties :B. And I don't know why he looks so angry, he's more uncaring than angry, in general.

I am currently writing a screenplay about Dylan (as those who are in class with me know), but I like drawing him more than writing about him :(. I drew him way too much last week. And the ones of him with scarves were unsuccessful attempts to try and draw something I could use as a new layout for my website. It's been "under construction" for way too long just because I haven't made a new layout for it.

Also, another character I've actually used in a short animation before, Pete, the Evil Panda-Hat Boy. His face is a bit similar to Dylan's, but they have very different colored hair and skin and clothes.

I guess that's all. I should be doing homework right now. Bohhhhh.

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