Thursday, November 8, 2007

Heck Yes!

I am so close to being done with one of my animations for school! I didn't think I had time to draw this week, but inspiration hit me on Thursday. Most of this is from that day.

Uhh random stuff. But the first one is my character, Dylan, who I'm writing a screenplay about. He's a poet, and he likes to wear ties :B.

Some drawings I'll be putting in the ending credits for the film I'm almost done with, and also a title design. I'll probably do some minial color stuff. And I went with Goat Rage (like Road Rage) because I'm not that clever with titles, and it's the best thing I could think of.

Finally....SELF-PORTRAITS! Sometimes I like drawing myself in weird and ugly ways. I am wondering if I should use one of these as a new Blogger profile picture.

Oh and as for explanation...the thumbs up one is because I've noticed I do that a lot these days (with BOTH hands), and call my male friends "sir". The door one is because Andrew made me think someone was knocking but he was just tapping his GOSH-DARN PEN!! The cupcakes one is because I got a free cupcake at Nickelodeon on Thursday, and the one on the bottom life. I live in an animation dungeon.

Now it's SLEEP TIME!


Katie said...

The self portraits completely win the post, haha! The one at the tablet is how I'm feeling right about now...

Nice to see more of your sketches girl! Keep up the great work :)

Victor said...

I liked the cracked-out one where you're working on the tablet. I say that becomes your new profile picture. That or the cupcake-eating Lauren.